Event feedback 

“I was pleased to hear of the launch by the universities of Manchester, Salford and Manchester Metropolitan of their new joint initiative to promote enterprise amongst your graduates and postgraduates.
The experience of enterprise in education is key to improving levels of enterprise ambition and helps to give people the knowledge and awareness of what it means to run a business and the skills they will need in order to pursue new opportunities. The collaborative venture through the North West universities is to be applauded and will further help to foster the spirit of growth and enterprise, which is so essential to the future prosperity of the country”.
RT Hon Vince Cable MP

“Wonderful day, fast paced and high impact. Hope [the] students learnt something from this”.
Roving Mentor, Recruitment and Training Professional Janet Taylor

Enjoyable aspects of the day from Dragon’s Den Survivor and Entrepreneur Naomi Timperley “The student pitches, magician and the host Alistair [MacDonald] was fabulous”.

“Dan Sodergren’s talk [Unconventional/unexpected and inexpensive ways of marketing and promotion] was particularly enlightening and informative. Thoroughly enjoyed it”.Chemistry PhD, University of Manchester.

“I enjoyed collaboration with other universities, the team task [Llama Pitch] and the quality of the speakers”. Anthropometrics and 3D Body Scanning Researcher, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Food for thought for this student. “How to do your own PR, using press releases as PR. The tips for free online marketing such as how to get your blog ranked. Brilliant [day], please can we have another!”. Music Postgraduate, University of Salford

Vince Cable was unable to join us but sent the lovely letter that we have attached below:

Vince Cable communication.pdf Vince Cable communication.pdf
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